Operation Don’t Call It A Comeback will help you out of the lockdown funk without restrictive dieting, hours in the gym or expensive supplements that don’t work

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It's OK if you lost motivation in lockdown!

The last 4 months have been tough on everyone, with people being affected in different ways.

We’ve not been allowed to socialise, the gyms and restaurants have been shut, people have been off work or busier than ever, home-schooling and looking after family members…

Plus, we’ve probably all tried to do self-improvement courses, DIY and anything else constructive to fill our time.


This got boring, quickly

And I’m sure just like me you embraced a mid-week beer on a zoom call a little too often, and the motivation for bodyweight workouts or bodyweight zoom classes quickly lost their appeal.

So as the gyms start to open, what do we do?

Get Your Place Now For Just £147


Gyms are opening back up again and life is slowly returning back to normal…

But you’re scared.

Scared you’re not the person you were 4 months ago.

The clothes feel a little tighter and you’re not sure what belt loop you’ll need anymore because it’s been so long since you wore jeans.

You haven’t lifted a proper weight in months and have been pretty inconsistent with home workouts and zoom classes that have been more miss than hit.

So what do you do?

How do you get back into a training routine and kick your eating habits up the arse?

I have just the thing, introducing…


What is Operation Don’t Call It A Comeback And Why Is It So Special?

You probably know what you need to do to lose a bit of stubborn body fat and get in shape.

But you have trouble following it through and trouble maintaining your action


Because you’re making it too hard

In Operation Don’t Call It A Comeback there are no bad foods, no restrictive lists to follow, no calories to count and no lives to hate

Just really simple actionable habits that will change your relationship with food and have you reaching the body of your dreams without sacrificing fun and social lives.

Alongside FUNctional workouts that are quick, simple, enjoyable, incinerate fat and build lean muscle

Need I say more?

How Does Operation Don't Call It A Comeback Work?

Step 1 – Join Us!


Before you can begin, you need to sign up with us.

Overcome the doubt that’s holding you back and stop telling yourself you can’t do it or you’ll do it next month.

The time is now, we’re not sure when/if we’ll be running this program again.

The best is yet to come after this…

Step 2 – Join The Private Facebook Group!


From the hundreds of individuals I’ve helped to transform their bodies in the past few years, one of the things that always gets mentioned as one of the ‘big things’ that made all the difference is the group accountability.
That’s why, once you join the program, you’ll be invited to a CLOSED Facebook group with all the other people with you. This is a safe space away from any family, friends, or doubters, where you can ask for advice, share your feelings and experiences throughout the program and, most importantly, celebrate your results.

Step 3 – Get Your Training Plan!


Training is just one piece of the puzzle but with an effective plan you can burn stubborn fat, improve your motivation for eating habits and build lean muscle. The beauty of this program is that we have 3 options:
  1. Home workouts for those of you who want to stay away from the gym and have no equipment
  2. Home workouts for those of you with some equipment (minimal option)
  3. Full gym workouts for those of you going back to the gyms or who have full set ups at home

The beauty of all our programs available are that they’re delivered straight to a mobile app, they’re fast and can be done by anyone!

Step 4 – Fix Your Eating Habits!


None of this bullshit with counting calories or following stupid meal plans that restrict all of your favourite foods.

No banned foods, no yes/no lists, nothing about eating clean

Just simple habits applied over time that work.

We will email you daily with a little lesson about your habit, which will change each week

These habits build on each other to make healthy eating a breeze and to help you achieve your dream body and then know how to maintain it afterwards.

You’ll also get access to tons of recipes and helpful advice sheets so you feel on top of everything from day 1!

Step 5 – Build A Platform For Results!


You know me, I’m no bullshit merchant

I’m not saying you can achieve everything you want and more in just 8-weeks

But you can definitely give it a good shot and more importantly, you can build the habits you need to see life long results

No more yo-yo dieting and on/off motivation to exercise.

We will help you build the mindset, the habits and the behaviours you need.

So what will it be?

Get Your Place Now For Just £147

Be quick! We start on Monday, August 3rd and spots are extremely limited. I’d hate for you to miss out. Don’t delay and join us today!


We’ve never run this program before so we have no testimonials for this specifically. But let me give you some words from people who have done previous 8-week programs with Next Step Nutrition.

My mindset towards food has completely changed. Friends & Family have asked what am I "allowed to eat" / "is brown bread better than white bread" etc etc. But for me the course has taught me not to think like that. I now ensure I "mindful" eat. I don't restrict any foods (so don't binge) but am aware of what the calorie content is of something. I have been able to eat out over the last 4 months without feeling guilty; instead I just manage my calories that day / week.


Doing this has proved to me that there are no such things as bad food just a bad relationship with food, during the time with Jonny I maintained body weight, improved my body composition to the best it’s been and lost body fat compared to the results from clean eating and all this whilst increasing energy and have a bigger smile on my face!


I have dropped over 8kg in 8 weeks or so through simple changes like adding protein powder to my porridge.


For seven days a week you were never left feeling that you couldn't get the answer to a question, no matter how insignificant you may have thought it was! The cameradierie was excellent within the group and Jonny's style and communication skills were superb! The last 8 weeks have been a masterclass in how to run a group such as this and I think a lot of similar products offered by other businesses would do well to take a leaf out of Jonny's book in terms of how to organise them.


Jonny has given us so many useful bits of information to help us maximise results. It’s the little things like mid week check ins and shaturday! It helps seeing how everyone else is finding the course and how to solve problems or find alternatives.

Get Your Place Now For Just £147

Your Questions Answered!


Having questions is great! It means you care about what you’re signing up for and want to be 100% sure this is for you.

Here are the most popular FAQs about this program:

Q: How many days a week is the program?

A: The home-based program will be 3 days of resistance training (with bodyweight only) and 2 days of cardio (aerobic-based). The other 2 programs are based on a 4-2 model of 4 resistance and 2 cardio sessions. The beauty of this program is that you can choose the elements that suit you. Either to bias cardio or strength.

Q: How long will the workouts take?

A: The workouts will take 45-60 minutes in total. If you’re quick, put your phone on don’t disturb and stop checking the gram, you could be done in less 😉

Q: Will the workouts be easy to follow?

A: You will get the workouts delivered to your phone using the TrueCoach app where there will be full explanations and video guides of the movements.

Q: Can I get feedback on my sessions?

A: Due to the program we cannot offer direct feedback over TrueCoach but if you have any questions/concerns we will have the Facebook group to answer everything. This way everyone benefits from the questions. We will also have a detailed welcome handbook outlining everything you need to know.

Q: Who is it for?

A: This program is designed with the intermediate trainee in mind who has a background in functional fitness. However, if you’re a beginner that is awesome, we will teach you how to use weights and get results you’ve only ever dreamed of! Our combination of strength training, cardio and nutrition support will leave you looking toned and strong!

Q: How does the nutrition side work?

A: I have taken my years of experience working with 100s of people to come up with a daily email course that will help you change your eating habits from the inside out. There will be no restrictive meal plans, no calories to count, no barcodes to scan, no foods to avoid. Just super practical habits and daily accountability that will make healthy eating an absolute breeze while maximising the quality of your life.

Q. Will you be giving me a meal plan?

A. No, we don’t believe meal plans have long term effect. Instead, we will be teaching you nutrition habits and helping you build them day by day and week by week, these will be delivered through email and we will do a bulk of teaching through the Facebook lives as well.

Q. What support is offered?

A. We have the Facebook group where you can ask any and all questions. Due to the nature of this program, we cannot offer direct message support but you can email problems or issues to our customer support team at

Q. What if it’s not for me?

A. We offer a no-questions-asked, 30-day 100% refund guarantee. If you’re not happy within the first 30 days with the program, the level of support, and/or your results, we’ll refund every penny.

Q. How do I track my progress?

A. When you sign up you’ll get instant access to the handbooks and tracking sheets. There will be descriptions within these on how you measure your progress physically and track your habits. The workouts you can log all of your data seamlessly through the TrueCoach app.

A final reminder of what you get

  • 8-weeks of structured FUNctional training designed to ease you back into training so you don’t snap your shit, build muscle fast and accelerate your return to full fitness
  • Live coaching calls and support every week through the Facebook community of people just like you
  • Email education on nutrition habits that will change your eating from the inside out, using cutting edge behaviour change and habits that work, without counting calories or silly restrictive food rules
  • The ability to get results without spending your life in the gym, doing endless hours of meal prep or eating/drinking different foods from your friends and family
  • A kick up the arse to build some epic habits both with your exercise and your diet that will last well longer than just this 8-week program
  • And lots of other bonuses you’ll see during the program


Be quick, we begin this Monday!

Get Your Place Now For Just £147